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Teaching Philosophy and Approach to Lessons:

I feel strongly that a good instructor knows their student, and what they will respond to. Understanding why a student wants to learn guitar helps me to adapt my teaching to their goals.
I'm not the kind of instructor who insists that every student must go through a certain series of books. I have found that one type of guitar instruction manual may work well with one student but not another. So I try to be flexible, look for signs of progress, and build on that.

Talking about the philosophy of teaching could go on indefinitely. So let me sum it up. I have a "saying" that comes up again and again and again in my lessons. Other instructors may state it in a different, more eloquent way. But here it is:
"When it comes to learning the guitar, you have to play it slow before you can play it fast."
Without fail. Every time. Every note. Every scale. Every song. Every lick, riff, and solo... No exceptions.
And in case you missed it, let me say it a little louder:

"You have to play it SLOW before you can play it fast."

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