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Well, Big Announcement ... Huge Announcement, in fact, is:

I've retired from giving guitar lessons at 311 North, or anywhere else for that matter

So I will be updating this site to that effect, but I will keep helpful information out here ...
I will always enjoy learning new things about the guitar
Also I will be posting clips of my music from time to time ... so come back, ok?



Classic Rock - Blues - Pop - Folk - Basic Jazz & Country

You can follow my compositions if you like ... this is just the tip o the iceberg, though.

Music Clips

In the following recordings, all guitar parts, rhythm, lead, bass, percussive, etc. were played by moi.
Pre-recorded drum tracks were also arranged by me.
These are raw, unedited, originals with one-take overdubs and excessive yada-yada, so take it easy, ok?

(1) "Funky Walk #62" on a 76 Les Paul Standard

(2) "Brief Jazzy Loop" ... Another original composition on a 76 Les Paul Standard...Just a brief jazzy loop

(3) "This is Night" ... Original composition, a haunting R & B progression ... All guitar parts were played on a Gibson Studio GoldTop 60's Tribute

(4) "Certain; I think" ... Original composition, soulful R & B progression ... 76 LP Standard

(5) "Swing Up" ... Original comp, joyful progression on a Fender Telecaster Deluxe 2011

(6) "GoodTrip" ... Original comp, simple G6 ... All guitar parts played on a Fender Telecaster Deluxe

If you like these compositions, great, enjoy! But do remember that they are copyright 2014 ... thanks, NJS

If you like Les Pauls, click here


Lesson Information

Teaching Philosophy


About Me


"Anybody can learn to play the guitar and everyone has a different style. Whether your goal is
to play professionally or as a hobby, there is a great deal of enjoyment in playing music."

This website, by the way, is constantly under construction. But the relevant information (email, phone numbers, etc) will not change, so don't worry about that.
The good news is that I am looking for better pictures and graphics to replace the cheap looking pictures that are presently on each page.
So if you have anything, anything at all, that would look better, send it to me. So come back and check it out!


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