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About Me:
As far as personal information about myself ...

"Though I've worked most of my earlier years in mechanical, technical and office settings, I've always loved music and learned to play guitar at an early age and have kept at it for 30 years. I did take lessons once or twice, but for the most part, I am self-taught.
Biggest influence? The Beatles (yes, I'm that old). Their music influenced the foundation of almost every genre of music going today.
When I am playing guitar, I love to experiment with different styles, sounds, beats, etc - whether playing rhythm, lead, solos, riffs, bass lines, or whatever. It's all fun.
I've been teaching for three years now,and I love working with students, and figuring out how best to help them, since everybody is different as to their skills. Of course, anyone who wants to learn to play guitar is all right in my book..."

Feel free to call or email me with questions ... unless they are about something that I know nothing about. Which could be a considerable number of things.

Playing guitar makes you smile!


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